CheapSound live@NTS: Italian indie goes to London!



Tomorrow, 6th december, will be a very special afternoon: Cheap Sound will have the occasion to bring italian independent music at NTS Radio, London!

Cheap Sound, together with Casino Vice, Lala and Jacopo, has been invited, thanks to SAE Institute, to play an half-hour playlist. Obviously, we are going to play almost all Italian music! To do this playlist, we did a big research into the hidden places of our music archives, and here we go: this is what you’ll listen to tomorrow 2-4 PM at NTS Radio!

Roberto Angelini – Nella testa di Phineas Gage
Meg – Estate
FishEye – Skit Tr 3
Mùm – Toothwheels 
Caffiero – Caffiero nei boschi secchi
Lilies on Mars – See you sun
IOKOI – Growing young
M+A – Bergen.jpg
BAGUNGA! – Adenocromo
Bane – Airwar

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