Brief Interview with The About Wayne about their new release: The Story to tell our child


Almost a year after their last appearance on stage, the anticipated new album is finally out! Cheap Sound had a chat with Giampaolo Speziale a member of the About Wayne band.

About Wayne

CS: Where the hell have you been? You disappeared for a while! What did the About Wayne do all this time?

AW: You are right, our last gig was months ago. Until the beginning of the #LeeWasNotAlone tour we had a little holiday. After that we started jotting down some ideas for our new album! Now we have a new single out and we have started playing again. After a while, the distance from the audience becomes unbearable!

CS: Well, you have kept us in suspense with your single #LeeWasNotAlone, now the video is out and ‘everything became clear: Lee Harvey Oswald’. Why did you choose to refer to this character fifty years after the Dallas murder?

AW: The lyrics of ‘The Story to Tell our Child’ has three main reflective points: violence against other people generated by the need to protect oneself, how the predominant role of oppressive capitalism affects relationships and the awe of the laws that randomly govern nature and the universe. In the first draft of the plot the whole story illustrated the relationship between humanity and nature. The story took place in an uncontaminated and green universe but at the same time full of special effects. Actually, vfx caused us some scheduling issues, in fact at the very last moment everything fucked up! Luckily, Marco Missano, the director, a few days after this tragic event proposed a new plot; which was inspired by a totally different and completely original idea. The plot represents the sickest subject of the lyrics. We are completely in love with this topic, we immediately thought it was appropriate and exciting. After shooting the video, we realised how much cooler the second idea is. And what’s more we discovered that this is the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK death, it could never have been more relevant. I swear! These coincidences happen to us all the time!

CS: Let’s talk about the video: it is an introspective and hallucinatory trip amongst violence, drugs and sex. It probably will not be passed on to MTV.

AW: MTV? Are you talking about the Jersey Shore MTV? You know, I’m not sure if there is still any music on MTV.  I think that today’s social networks are the functional alternative for artists; TV no longer serves artists. We also prefer to use the Internet than try to be part of a television program. The video is going well, the sharing rate is very high. In a short period we have gained many fans and we are very proud of that. By the way, our video has no ownership, like all of our videos. If someone likes it, they will put it on TV, maybe at 1am.

CS: ‘The Story to Tell our Child’ is very different from ‘Rushism’. Has it been a natural or a planned change?

AW: Actually, the plot of the video is one of the songs which are modelled on ‘Rushism’ style. We also chose it as a transition single, we don’t want to confuse the audience too much. When the new album is released, people will be surprised, in a bad and good way. We have grown considerably compared to five years ago, when first got to know each other. Now we carry out the composition phase in a very different way, maybe more meticulous and a bit more mechanical, but definitely more mature. A metamorphosis is taking place in a very spontaneous way.

CS: The Winter Tour has started, I know that soon we will meet again in Rome and then? Are you going to work on the new album? Do you want to give us some exclusives?

AW: Yes, we will meet again in Rome. Last year in our city we had a sell out gig! We will never forget that. We are so excited; we cannot wait anymore.  We want to play as soon as possible. About the album…we are working on it. We are writing, recording the demo, listening, playing, arranging and having fun… We are going crazy! This year, we want to create something that can be competitive at an international level. When you write your lyrics in English, at some point you have to try to jump on the international scene. Also we only really want to record cool songs. The album will be released only in the moment in which we feel like it will get the best outcome possible. I’m not allowed to give you exclusives, apart from the fact that our dreams are in Europe and in America, but clearly they will only be feasible when we are strong enough to bare all the weight of this choice. Finger Crossed!

CS: So to wrap it all up, thank you very much and see you in Rome!

AW: Thank you for the interesting questions, as always! See you front stage!

After all that, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would recommend that you watch the mentioned video. Are you ready for the next Wayninan explosion? This video is just the prelude of the album.
First, I would like to say something about the song: crazy! If ‘Rushism’ with its soft guitars has left speechless, ‘The Story to tell our Child’ with rhythmic grooves and beautiful melodies is the perfect song.
Compared to ‘Rushism’, it lacks power but instead we gain atmosphere. They are less angry, less upset with the World. ‘The About Wayne’ have matured greatly. They observe and criticise the World with the serenity of someone who knows how things work.
They don’t scream anymore, they speak now. By no means does this mean that the piece is powerless. The song is absolutely great, its voice is noteworthy. But now is not the time to talk, it is listening time!


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