An interview with Hot Head Show: an experience!

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Is the first saturday of November, the 3rd to be precise. Apparently a saturday as many others, but not for us, at least, not for me.
Saturday 3rd November was the day of the second show by one of the most amazing and weird bands I ever heard in my life (for which I’ve to thank 2ManyNights staff, particularly UfO guys). They’re british, they are three and their influence came from Punk to Jazz. Yes, exactly how I wrote this: Punk-Jazz.
Ladies and gentlemen: Hot Head Show! Giants.

If you didn’t heard anything of them already, there is a reason: they are weird, almost absurd! I haven’t a word or a proper concept to describe the band or their music. But I got an image: you know when your grandma told you to NOT play football in the living room because of the crystal-fragile stuff to not break it? Well. And you know when you still playing football in the living room and the ball goes irrevocably on THAT crystal-super-fragile things? Perfect! Now, let’s imagine that the crystal things contain all the musical genres born and grown the last century in UK and USA. When they crash and all that remains on the ground, among the shards that cut, it’s just a big mess! THAT mess is called Hot Head Show, and is the first big-mess in my life that I have the real pleasure to listen at.
Of course, for wrong consuetude, because my brain was exploding, at half the concert I needed a pause to drink a beer, but those three, up there on the stage, did incredible things. Unbelievable, ingenious and, absolutely, a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-e-y!, amusing and enjoyable! The basic impression, is that their songs are a lot of different “wrong” moments bounced together, where the musicians are almost wasting the musical feel, drowning in the madness. But at the end they never loose the musical feel. Never. And, at some point, they all together change completely and goes for another “madness”. Without make any mistake or any noticeable change you find yourself in another world, and you can’t understand HOW or when that change was done!
An experience. An Hot Head Show’s concert is a great and, again, absurd experience!

The opening act of the gig was left to Lady Greys, which was just the right rock band, worthy to represent italian rock with their strong british rock influences. They warmed up the crowd for the big show.

After the show, I had the luck and the honour to interview them, without really understanding each other’s way to speak (you should hear me speaking, and you should hear Jordan speaking as well).
But, with any luck, and with a little help from some beers, here is the interview.

How do you write your songs?
Well, they are a morning thing, before the shower. I have an issue with mornings, I wake up usually half an hour before the sun rises, so this time of the year like 7:30 but in other periods is 6:30 or 5:30. I wake up with the feeling in my chest that the world is gonna end. A desperate anxiety. And the only thing that I can do about it is get out of the bed put on some shoes and then run and run and run for like an hour, and I use to have this musicals ideas so I go home and play something with my guitar and put things together. Then I take this musical concepts to this two music geniuses and then together we try to make this music. I have been in bands when the process was different but that’s always the process in this case.

After The Lemon EP in 2010 and The Lemon LP in 2011, you have some news for 2012?
The new record is coming out in April. And the name of the record is Perfect, which means that obviously is gonna take a while for us to be ready to release it, because there are some criteria and we need a quality control. But as soon as is done with the quality control, we will release it.

Why did you call it Perfect?
Because perfection is more complex than right. I think he put it very well yesterday, because it was going to be called Happiness, but there isn’t enough happiness, but there is enough perfection to be called Perfect. Because there was Happiness and Perfection.

I can’t understand…
I can’t understand either, but is true. It all make sense.

When will you come back in Rome?
We are going to be back here in April and then we will go in Italy, Germany, Russia… In Italy I think we are going in Roma, Milano, Napoli, Bologna. This was the fourth time we were playing in Italy.

Do you guys like Italy? Coffee and Ladies…
Who doesn’t love coffee and ladies? Particularly italian coffee and ladies. The thing with italian ladies is that they have a defence mechanism that was designed to deal with the italian men. So is very sophisticated and intense.

How are italian fans?
Unbelievable. We have 30% more half naked man and 76% more half naked woman than in any other nation. Is been a 50% overall increase in nudity, which is fantastic!

Thanks for this little interview, and appointment to…
We are doing a live broadcast on the 9th of december on the internet. We are going to a very special studio in the woods. Is a jungle, is the last english jungle, in Hackney, east London. If you check our Facebook you can watch it!

An experience!



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