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M+A: Mentality+AttitudeM+A La tua fottuta

Michele Ducci + Alessandro Degli Angioli: in other words, two twenty-year old guys from Forli (a small Italian town) but who dream and play like two twenty-year old guys from Bergen. The new album: ‘Things’ was produced by Monotreme Records, a credible label based in London. The ten-track album is influenced by post-rock and Indie Rock trends.
Yes, we do make pop, but with the unpretentious intention to thrill”: this is the motto of the two Italian guys. They make Pop but with an unexpected thrill for the listener. The M+A are able to draw the listener in first through their quite mood and then build them up to an exciting and fascinating performance.
Liko, Lene, Lisa” is the most traditional track of the album. The track is characterised by sensitive sounds and voices, which recall the Notwist‘s sound. Furthermore, the presence of the winds in the track reminds us too of: ‘The Last Good Day of The Year’ the masterpiece by ‘Coasteau’!
Another remarkable track from on album is ‘Yes.pop’, defined by its elecro-pop sound which is intertwined with several whisperings (demonstrating a Thom York influence). This track could also be suitable for a fashion show.
Sommer’ is characterised by an ambient influence. ‘Adidas’ is a five minute long track with an electronic inclination. We are pretty sure that Patrick Wolf might love it! This track is a kind of summary of the stylistic features of the whole album. The very first part of the track starts with the ethereal sound of the synths; it keeps up with rhythmic variations and with the inevitable chant of the two voices, now in unison and echoing. The end of the track is elevated by the counterpoints of the keyboard. The general sound of “Adidas” could be compared to that of the band, ‘The Kings of Convenience’.


The M+A does not need words to be described; their lyrics are symbolic enough. The band defined their lyrics as “faceless”. Indeed, with their sound they are able to draw undefined soundscapes.
The track list is not over yet. With “Yeloww” and “Bla” we move into an oriental sound. This sound can be placed between the ‘Depeche Mode’ and the ‘Royksopp’ genre.
The name of the electro-acoustic track is “Bergen”; it reminds us a Norwegian landscape, of course also by its name.
The last track of the album is “Ly”. It ends the track list repeating the familiar sounds, which marked the whole album.
There are any references to other artists, some shown, and others hidden on the individual songs. The overall project is more important than the details of each song. These two musicians show us their mature style, their ability to create a tactful and exciting sound and their deep knowledge of analog and digital devices.

G. M.
(trad. EC)

Autore: M+A
Titolo: Things. Yes
Etichetta: Monotreme Records



1 – Yelloww
2 – Yes.pop
3 – Liko, Lene, Lisa
4 – sommer
5 – Bam
6 – Bla
7 – (we)
8 – Bergen
9 – Adidas
10 – Ly

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