London’s about to call: chatting with Mucky Pups

On the 11th of January 2012, showing off not-a-really enviable English, I kicked off our “londoner-roman” dances, interviewing a four-pieced band based in London: the Mucky Pups. Known thanks to their manager, Filipa Moreira, the band told me about them, their future plans, and, generally, how things work in the “World music capital” underground.

CS: Why Mucky Pups? What does it mean?
MP: Mucky Pup is the name of a pub here in London, where we got together for the first time deciding to form the band.

CS: How long have you been playing together? Tell us something about you!
MP: We started to play just over a year, around August 2010. We met each others in a club in London and we decided to start up the band, almost casually. And now we’re here…

CS: Listening to your songs on your facebook page, I would say you sound like The Strokes. What are the bands that have influenced your style?
MP: Yeah, The Strokes! …and then The Jam, The Kinks, The Clash. Quite all the sixties bands.
CS: The classic brit-bands…
MP: Exactly! Our sound is really brit.

CS: Let’s start with the general questions. How is livin’ in the music birthplace?
MP: It’s great! There’s always something going on in the corner near you -except for Monday, there’s nothing on Monday!-. There are something like four bands that play in the same local each night, one hundred gigs going on every night somewhere!

CS: I guess it would be really hard to emerge from an environment like yours…
MP: Yes, it is. There’s a lot of competition because of the amount of the bands that have the same goals.

CS: What features MUST a band like yours have to emerge in a city with tons of wishful rockstars and hundreds of gigs per night? Do you think that it’s better to have a good recorded stuff or a great impact on the crowd while playing live?
MP: Both, definitely! Having good stuff that people could listen to is ok, but the most important thing, the one that every band should do, is to strike the crowd from the stage, cutting them on the deal. Then, when you come off and people ask you for your CD, that should be as great as you just played.
CS: And how do you interact with your fans?
MP: Jumping around the stage… we try to do the most foolish things possible!

CS: Wich are the best venues for playing there in London and what’s the club you like the most?
MP: Camden Barfly! It was nominated the “best small venue” and it really is! On the weekend it’s always cronichally busy. We played there last September and we really enjoyed it.

CS: Coming back to you. Tell us something about your future plans.
MP: We’re thinking of doing a great recording session for a single (Love you anyway). There will be two songs. We would like to do the CDs and some vynils copies too.When we’ll finish recording,  we’ll do a kind of promotional mini-tour in London, playing at Borderline, Vibe Bar in Bricklane and some other venues. And then we’re thinking to partecipate to some summer festivals.

CS: Have you ever been on tour across the UK?
MP: Not yet, but we have in program a couple of places outside London just to promote the single.
CS: So I guess you’ve never played abroad…
MP: Unfortunately not, but we’ll love to do it!

So I say to the lads that the interview was made ​​for a very specific reason for wich one of them says: “It sounds good to me”, smiling. In the end, they remind us to look for them on Facebook and any other digital platform (which of course we will insert as footnote).

Yeah, M.C.


Mucky Pups


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