How a producer is born: interview with Quiet A Lot

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After interviewing the new label Wound, we go on talent scouting electronic music producers from Rome (and around).
Today, we’ll chat with a guy which moved to London for his studies. His name is Enrico Giuliani aka Quiet A Lot.
Just born, less than one year ago, as an electronic producer, he already release an eight tracks album.
We had the luck to interview him to understand how to become a producer nowadays.

So, let’s start!

CS What do you study in London? Why did you moved here leaving Italy?
QaL I study Audio Engineering at SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering, which is an important institute with schools all around the world, ed.).
I left because I needed to change: I understood what i wanted: simply, I wanted to make music; I was sure about that. Just about that.
The reason why I came here in London is to understand if was possible for me dedicate all my time, all my energies on productions instead of choosing the “normal” way to live, with a secure job, with me less involved!

CS As you told, you just wanted to make music. Where does it come from this idea of music in you? Which ways did you went through until now?
QaL Well, first I studied piano for a few years. Then, switching to keyboards was fast. So, I played in a couple of pop-rock band during the school years, and I realised that I’d prefer to work on my stuff, making new music, rather than learning other’s.
Then, I stated producing hip-hop beats, in a very amateur way, with bad quality softwares, and, together with a friend, we rapped on it.  In 2002 an album came out, but was a delusion in some way. But now I’m grown, from there a lot of time is gone and I never stopped producing hip-hop.

CS What about electronica? How did you end up doing electronic music?
QaL Was a coincidental approach actually: in 2012 I had to compose a track for the uni. I ended up doing a minimal/house track that gave me the highest grades and a lot of positive feedback too. So I kept working on it, and that track became Quite A Lot, name that changed a bit: Quiet A Lot, my alter ego as an electronic music producer.

CS Where does your name come from? Does it has a logic behind the word pun?
QaL Well, there’s a logic actually. The contrast between ‘Quiet’ and ‘A Lot’ it’s what marks the music I make: harmonies, analogic instruments and orchestral parts opposite to the strong beats and rhythms of electronic music.

CS How do you usually start to produce a track? What’s the creative process behind it? What softwares do you use?
QaL First I love to sample: listen to records and find the right beat. The inspiration for the whole track comes often from that. When sampling, obviously, you need some rules: MIDI/analog composition should be never left behind. Both processes needs to go in parallel.
I use many different DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation, softwares to produce music, ed.): Logic, ProTools, Ableton, Reason…

CS Have you got any advice to new people approaching electronic music production?
QaL I don’t know. I’m new to electronic music and I don’t feel ready to give advices! By the way, I think the important beat is to work on your own sound, without imitate other’s, also if you love it. The influence will come out anyway. Everyone has a lot of different sounds inside, the goal is to let them come out.  As a technical advice for producers I’d say not to try recreating the sound of  acoustic instruments, it would be just the draft of the original.

CS Let’s talk about your album: Get A Name. How was it born? Which music influences are there? 
QaL Get A Name was for me a way to test myself on electronic music. After I composed my first three songs as Quiet A Lot, I received a lot of good feedback and I was encouraged to go on. So I did, as much as possible, and I let the unexplored electronic inside me to come out. The influences were various: sometimes Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner, other times Nicolas Jaar, Diplo or Gesaffelstein. Everything I listen to is in my album. I try to take the good stuff of everything.

CS You were talking about hip-hop… Have you been working on something else?
QaL Yes, I just produced the entire album of Double Mask, band in which I used to play before, and I also worked with some artist from my town, Rieti. Although I didn’t left hip-hop forever. In the meantime, I’m carrying a project, ZioMc, my hip-hop producer alter ego, in parallel with Quiet A Lot. 

CS Well, thank you so much for your availability. Looking forward for new productions! In the meantime, will we have the chances to see you playing live?
QaL I never played live already as Quiet A Lot; the album just came out and I’m still evaluating and waiting for the feedback of the audience. I’m thinking about it, and I’m looking around for ideas, also asking opinions to other djs and producers.

Perfect! Then we will be patient!

In the meantime you can watch the video of one track of this album: The Sun For Angels!



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