Wound! Interview with the co-founders of a new Rome-based label

adesivoWe must say that, initially, the purpose of this column was to talk about Roman electronic music. At times we were able to keep faith to such purpose, whilst in other occasions its scope has been largely extended, through the releases of international artists.

This time we go back to the Roman scene, more than ever.

Today we speak about two brave guys who, in times of (economic) crisis and (musical) uncertainty, have decided to start a new label. Today we speak about Wound Music.

It’s a newborn project (September 2012) which appears to be already well started in practice. Technically speaking, it consists of two twin labels: Wound Music and Wound Digital; one for vinyl releases and the other for digital ones.

We’ve had the chance to meet the founders-creators of such project: Giacomo Serafini and Federico Morisani, who have decided to share this experience together after having shared the console in many Roman events.

V: Let’s start with a curiosity of mine, which I think nevertheless might interest whoever has thought of taking a similar step: Why have you decided to start your own label instead of getting in touch with someone already in the field, perhaps collaborating 50-50?
Giacomo: The idea of working on our own was mine. At the end of summer 2011 I was collaborating with some labels but I wasn’t really satisfied of how things were going: I had a release stuck for a year and never heard good news. I talked to Federico and we decided to create something new, with our own resources. This is how Wound Music was born: our first release was precisely the one I had been waiting a year for, and it is at that point that we realized Wound coud become something serious.


V: Being in this field, what can you tell us about the other labels in general? Under which aspects do you feel different? What can you offer to the users, which isn’t already provided by others?
Federico: I have to say that this is a very busy period for the House/Techno scene. Many new labels are making their appearance. There are people who are doing great and manage to come up with important projects, but also those who try and remake things that have already been done. Regarding our distinctive points: we bet high on young artists and on leaving them lots of freedom. We want our releases to be of quality, we don’t want commercial stuff just to make it to the Beatport charts. Profit is not our primary driver. And I have to say, the project has started just a few months ago but we are already seeing the first results.


V: Can you tell us something more about about these first results?
Giacomo: We already have 4 digital releases in our record, and the fifth one is coming out in the next days (Cheers Ep, in which we have given space to young promises of the Italian clubbing, as is our habit). Our first vinyl instead, will come out in March: a V.A. with 4 tracks… I can’t wait for it!!

WM001cheapsoundV: I believe you are very proud of your team of producers. What are the characteristics that a young producer should have in order to work with you? In other words, what does you ideal producer look like?
Federico: We are very satisfied with all the collaborations we’ve had up to now. All the guys have proven to be very valid and with some of them we’ve started a good friendship. We receive new demos every day, and it’s always difficult to select new material and artists. One thing however is crucial for us: having in our “family” professional and honest people. These are the principal characteristics for in those who are going to work with us.


V: What is your opinion on the Italian electronic scene, and in particular on the Roman one, without strictly speaking of the labels? What do you believe makes it different from the European or American scene?
Giacomo: The Italian scene has huge potential, as demonstrated by the number of professional projects which are being born, not only around the labels, but also for what concerns parties. There are many underground realities in the whole country which give high expectations. Even the Roman scene has many young artists whom it is worth investing on. The issue is that, especially in the capital, few people do so. It is more or less always the same people working in the clubs. A peculiarity of Rome is the pair Dj-Pr, a dominant duo, which I believe is very hard to change…


V: Another question, why is it that you decided to create Wound Digital and Wound Music, definitely dividing the digital world from the vinyl one? Don’t you consider it risky to bet so much on vinyl, when most of those becoming djs today do so on cdjs or often on entirely digital consoles?P1060450
Federico: The argument here is complex, I can’t say beforehand that it’s been the best choice for a label. There are labels which only do digital releases and those who just do digital ones as well as those which do both of course. In reality, our first idea was to make just vinyl releases. However, we realized that we had so much material in our hands that it wouldn’t have been possible to release it all on vinyl, also because it is a very costly procedure. That is why we started the sub-label Wound digital with which we manage to make monthly releases maintaining a high quality standard. Concerning vinyls, our expectation is of three releases a year. We do expect a lot from the latter however, since sales for this kind of support have risen a lot in the past three years or so.


V: Finally, is there someone on the international scene, an artist who has struck your imagination in recent years? And for what concerns labels, is there one which you hold as an example for your work?
Giacomo: During these years our reference points have been many, thus it is difficult to name one in particular. I think I speak also for Federico when I name Ricardo Villalobos. Regarding the labels, we haven’t taken the cue from anyone but from the very beginning we have tried to bring forth our ideas. For sure, we didn’t follow the current trends.


V: Well, I guess all is left is to wish you good luck then. Although it seems to me that you’re already well launched to reach an important place on the Italian scene.

Giacomo & Federico: Thank you for your time! Greetings to all of Cheapsound’s readers! Wound!!



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Radio Showcase: Underground Lovers Records meets Wound Music w/ Giacomo Serafini




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